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What a delight it was to meet with a fine group of creative spirits in an up close and personal way! I was particularly impressed with the atmosphere that was created by the great mix of artists ranging from the “New to SDA”, to those who have been members for over 20 years. I could clearly see a potential for teaching and learning from a pool of rich, diverse and valuable experiences that each member brings to the table. I am excited at the prospect of the learning and sharing of how our life’s journey plays a paramount role in the nature of the creative path we take.  I look forward to creating a platform for us to interact in a way that will help us grow together and benefit from our diverse  artistic journey. I vow to work closely with the Surface Design Association administrative staff to facilitate this, and to bring other membership benefits to the New York group.  

Thank you to my SDA New York family members who braved the inclement weather to join us.  For those who could not make it this time, please know that we cannot wait to meet you.       

As I thank Joan Lewis our New York Volunteer, for opening her studio to us, I must also acknowledge her labor of love in beautifully summarizing each member’s presentation as well as the essence of the evening. Please stop by soon for more on this.

Finally, I shamelessly offer a giant hug to my other half, James Lacy, for his support and for offering to capture with his camera, the spirited moments we enjoyed as a group that evening.

Madona Cole-Lacy



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Time to launch an easier way for New York State SDA members to communicate with each other. Using the blog format makes it easy for your state rep to upload images, make comments and edit any mistakes in name spelling or dates, etc. NYS members can even subscribe to the blog and have member news and images appear right in their e-mail in-boxes!

I’m hoping this will become an excellent tool for New York SDA members across the state. Blogs are open to any and all who want to visit, and Google will list key words and names in these posts in their search engines, so it may help serve SDA and the artists as a marketing tool as well. So keep your SDA membership current and please continue to send your news and images to me. I am changing my e-mail server to receive your images more easily, so please send future images and correspondence to me at jeannerbeck@gmail.com Many thanks for your participation and support.
Correction: Last week’s announcements included a misspelling of Ita’s last name, which is Ita Aber. My apologies, Ita.

Here are the images to accompany last week’s updates:

“Modern Gleaners”, one of a series of silk paintings by Berenice Pliskin about illegal immigrants in America, is currently on display at The Katonah Museum Artist Association at the Sculpture Barn in New Fairfield, CT., Oct. 12-Nov.2. http://www.berenicepaints.com/

Anna Drastik’s “Chandelier” is currently on display at Triple Five Soul Store in SOHO. http://www.annadrastik.com/

Barbara Murak’s sculptural fiber lettuce that is currently part of an exhibition at the Kenan Center in Lockport, NY. http://www.barbaramurak.com/

This week’s SDA-NY member news:

Elaine Lontemp’s piece, “We Are But One World” has been included in the grand opening of the Escondido Arts Partnership Municipal Gallery in Escondido, California. The show title is “The National Fiber Arts Exhibition,” August 28-October 3. If anyone is visiting that area of California, please see the show and the new gallery.

Elaine spent several weeks doing research to select the texts for“We Are One World” and its companion piece “No One Is Listening” for a show in Toronto, Canada. Most of the factual information was very disturbing and some of it tragic. Excerpts were inkjet printed onto fabric, then cut into strips and sewn together randomly with a red cross-stitch.

In “We Are But One World”, the colors start out dark and ominous, blacks and deep blood red, the colors of danger, anger, violence, bloodshed, death, negativity, hatred, power, revolt, and aggression, with words describing pollution, contamination, carcinogens, deadly human error and horrible violation of nature.

As we try to deal with the problems, the colors change to purple, the color of brotherhood, truth, taking action; olive green, the color of wisdom, acceptance, understanding; magenta, representing tremendous respect for the sacredness of all life, and dark blue, seeing clearly all that there is to see.

These colors work their way to orange, the color of joy, deep insight, trust, bonding; turquoise, individual responsibility and humanitarian interdependence; blue, integrity, honesty, diplomacy, negotiation, peace; and green, the point of change, inter-connectedness, balance, love of the Earth and harmony with nature and each other.

It is interesting to note that in order to read both sides of “We Are But One World”, one must change one’s viewing position, i.e. change one’s point of view.

Suzanne Punch, http://www.suzannepunch.com/, has a diptych window installation at Liberty House, a boutique at Broadway and West 112th St. “Autumnal Equinox”, 44″ x 12″ banners, silk crepe de chine, painted with French silk dyes and brushed on gutta resist.

Jeanne Beck has a redesigned website and invites you to visit it at http://www.jeannebeck.com/

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